There is a reason we are ‘almost’ born with teeth, and for the patients that I see, there is a reason they need to replace lost teeth. Let us begin with the fascinating life-changing process about when teeth develop.

Although we are born without teeth, their development begins during the prenatal stage and starts to emerge after birth. The eruption of baby teeth usually begins around six months of age, and by the age of three, most children have a set of baby teeth.

Around the age of six, children start to lose their baby teeth as the permanent teeth begin to push through the gums and the baby teeth are removed and replaced by the permanent teeth. By the age of fourteen, children have a full set of twenty-eight permanent teeth.

At Nolan Denture Clinic, my role as a denture consultant is to replace missing permanent teeth. The most common reasons for losing permanent teeth include accidents, disease, and poor oral health. Modern dentistry has many options to replace missing teeth with partial dentures, complete dentures, dental implant dentures, crowns, and bridges.

I use advanced dental procedures to fit and make complete dentures and partial dentures that look like natural teeth and function as similar as possible to permanent teeth. Advances in dentistry now provide options to stabilize removable dentures so they bite and chew like real teeth.

In conclusion, we have teeth to chew and digest food, talk and speak clearly, maintain facial shape, exude confidence in careers and relationships, and of course for a beautiful smile. This is why complete dentures and partial dentures are required.