When teeth are going to be extracted and you do not want to go without teeth for a few months while the gums heal, removable immediate dentures will be made. Your new smile  will make you feel better about yourself and restore your lifestyle and vitality.

Immediate dentures are the best way to get used to wearing your first dentures. They give you the ability to eat the foods you love and chew better. You will also find yourself feeling better physically when your digestive system says, “thank you, this is exactly what I needed!”

After you receive your first dentures, it is very important to attend your check-up appointments so your oral tissues can be examined. Even if your immediate dentures are not causing discomfort on your check-up appointment day, your gums need to be assessed to make sure healing is progressing correctly and further oral surgery will not be required.

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Jon Nolan, DD

p.s. Fitting and making immediate dentures are the favourite part of my practice, and I have treated thousands of oral conditions that require immediate dentures. I love seeing the before and after smiles and the before and after improved lifestyles, health, and vitality in my patients.