I learned so much about Japanese green tea at the first annual Japanese Tea Festival held in Toronto on November 26. I saw how it is grown under shade in the mountains, hand-picked, and processed into dry leaves and powder.

Japanese green tea is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world and has become popular as a health beverage since its disease preventing and health promoting effect have been widely reported.
In the realm of oral health care, the ancient wisdom of Japanese tea culture emerges as a refreshing and effective ally.

For denture wearers, Japanese green tea helps complete dentures and partial dentures feel better and improves oral health. This green tea strengthens tooth enamel, helps prevent tooth decay, and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

In addition to its oral health benefits, Japanese green tea boosts immunity, aids in weight management, promotes heart health, may fight cancer, promotes brain health, is an anti-inflammatory, and its antioxidants positively impact systemic health.

From the vibrant green hues of matcha to the soothing sips of sencha, incorporating some of the eleven types of Japanese green tea into your daily rituals offers a sensory delight and a pathway to a brighter and healthier smile.

Yours in good health,

Jon Nolan, DD