Same Day Dentures Following Extractions (Immediate Dentures)

Same Day Dentures Following Extractions (Immediate Dentures)

Keep your smile all day every day with same day dentures. Same day dentures, or immediate dentures, are fitted just after your teeth are extracted, so there’s no waiting and no days without a natural-looking smile.

Why choose our same day denture service

Your complete dentures and partial dentures are made in advance in our in-house dental lab, so you can wear them home the same day as your teeth are extracted.

Same-day dentures restore your natural mouth shape and allow you to continue to talk, laugh and chew as before, even as the bones and gums in the mouth are healing. So you don’t need to be ’toothless’ for any period of time.

Referrals not required

Having your remaining teeth extracted is a decision most people wish to discuss with their own dentist first. So, we accept a referral from your dentist, or you can use our dentists to help you determine your treatment plan.

At Nolan Denture Clinic, Jon takes the time to fully explain your treatment options, so you are confident that the one you select best suits your needs and expectations. All immediate dentures are personally set and arranged by Jon himself in our own on-site laboratory. This ensures both a personal touch and high standards of quality control for each and every denture we make.

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