Partial Dentures from Nolan Denture Clinic

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures from Nolan Denture Clinic

Don’t let a lost tooth affect your smile! At Nolan Denture Clinic, you can have a smile makeover in as few as two visits with custom-made partial dentures.

Why a partial denture restores your smile

After losing one or more teeth, your remaining natural teeth start moving into the adjacent empty spaces. This movement causes bone loss around the roots of your existing teeth, which in turn affects how your mouth looks. Wearing a partial denture will fill gaps created by missing teeth, where a natural tooth might naturally want to drift in! It keeps the natural shape of your mouth, so you can smile with confidence again.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is specially made to include natural-looking teeth that blend in seamlessly with your own teeth. The new teeth are supported on a strong, lightweight framework made of either acrylics, metal, or a metal/acrylic combination.

A partial denture is designed to simply slot around your own teeth and clip into place for a stabilized fit. With further options including clear clasps and dental implant partial dentures, no one needs to know you’re wearing dentures!

Dental implants can be placed into the partial denture to provide increased stability and eliminate clasps around the natural teeth.

Also known as a partial plate or dental bridge, each partial denture is precision made in our on-site laboratory. Jon Nolan personally sets all teeth himself, unlike some dental clinics that hire a dental technician or send the work to a commercial laboratory. So you can enjoy premium partial dentures, made with care to Jon’s personal high standards of quality control.