I recommend cleaning your dentures once or twice a day to help support a healthy mouth, avoid denture odour, prolong the life of your dentures, remove stains, and keep your dentures looking new.

Brush your dentures with dish soap and keep them low in the sink because they are slippery and you do not want to drop them. Do not use toothpaste, because it contains abrasives that scratch and create places for stains and bacteria to grow. Then soak the dentures in a denture bath of warm water with an effervescent denture cleaning tablet. This loosens debris and dislodges food particles and plaque buildup. Soaking also kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria.

I advocate sleeping without your dentures to give your gums and bone time to rest from being covered all day. This time also prevents you from clenching your teeth in your sleep which causes bone loss. This is a great time to let your dentures soak in the denture bath.