Denture implants are also called implant supported dentures or implant retained dentures. Complete dentures and partial dentures secured with dental implants provide a stable and secure solution for individuals who have lost a few or all of their natural teeth.

First, small titanium posts are placed beneath the gum line that knit with the jawbone. These implants act like tooth roots and help to reduce bone loss which is the major cause of loose dentures. After the dental implants have knit with the bone, I create a denture attachment system inside the dentures, so they snap onto the dental implants and allow them to stay in place during daily activities like eating and speaking.

I know all my patients are looking for the advantages of dental implant dentures over traditional removable dentures. The suitability of denture implants varies from person to person. I’ll evaluate your specific dental condition and determine the best options for you.

I hope this information helps you understand denture implants, and I look forward to helping many more denture wearers enjoy significant lifestyle improvements!

Yours in good oral health,

Jon Nolan, DD