I have seen thousands of dentures made by other dental professionals. The fit, function, and esthetics of these dentures vary from very impressive to adequate to very disappointing. It is the very disappointing dentures that create unnecessary discomfort and sacrificed lifestyles. These patients accepted the way their dentures were made and suffer from chronic sores, loose and broken teeth, digestive issues, pre-mature bone loss, social embarrassment, poor esthetics, and speech problems.

I make all my dentures with the highest-impact acrylic to reduce the chance of cracks and breaks. For dentures that are prone to cracks and breaks due to hard biting, reinforcements are added inside the dentures to prevent the embarrassment of a break. Loose and sore dentures can be stabilized with dental implants for dentures, stabilizer bars, and soft liners. The fully anatomical teeth I use result in the most natural-looking smile possible.

At Nolan Denture Clinic, I provide all options to help complete, partial, and dental implant denture wearers. I meet patients for a one-to-one consultation, and we review which options fit their lifestyle and expectations.

Written by Jon Nolan, DD

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