Denture additions, relines and same day repairs

Denture Repairs

Denture additions, relines and same day repairs

As we get older our bodies change, and your mouth is not any different. That’s why all dentures require ongoing adjustments to keep them fitting perfectly.

Why your dentures might not fit well anymore…

Over time, your gums and bones shrink and create a space under your dentures. You may notice more food gets underneath the dentures, resulting in reduced chewing efficiency, and more sores. All types of dentures should receive a refit every one to three years to preserve the bone under the dentures, and keep the gums healthy.

If your dentures don’t fit well, or are damaged and broken, it’s time to call us here at Nolan Denture Clinic. We offer:

  • Emergency Denture Repairs
  • Denture Relines
  • Same Day Denture Repairs
  • Tooth Additions

Same day emergency denture repairs in London

At our denture repair lab in London ON, we can make emergency denture repairs and denture tooth additions on the same day. Call us for immediate, quality repairs if you have a

  • A cracked or broken denture
  • A tooth that has come off your denture
  • A new tooth and clasp that has to be added to a partial denture before a natural tooth is extracted.

We can fix these denture repair problems quickly and effectively in our own in-house denture lab/workshop.

Denture Relines

Loose, ill-fitting dentures can cause rubbing, pressure points and sore spots. Denture relines adjust the fit of your dentures to compensate for bone loss. At Nolan Denture Clinic, we’ll refit the gum side of your dentures, to fill in any gaps that have emerged and give you a comfortable, firm fit again.

Denture repairs

  • Replacing a missing or broken tooth.
  • Replacing a broken clasp on a partial denture.
  • Fixing a denture broken in half.
  • Repairing cracked dentures.
  • Removing stains in teeth and on pink denture base.

At Nolan Denture Clinic, we offer a complete repair service for all kinds of dentures, in our own denture lab. Often dentists will send dentures away for repair. We do everything in-house, so we can adjust the fit and make repairs and changes the same day.

Tooth additions

If you wear a partial denture, over time you might need to have one or more of your remaining teeth extracted. If so, we can plan for that in advance, and plan how to add a new tooth to your denture. When the extraction is done, we can “upgrade” your existing partial denture or create a new one as required.

Name in Dentures

Your name can be permanently placed inside the denture acrylic to identify you anytime anywhere.