Complete Dentures

See The Transformation to the
Natural Smile of Your Dreams

Complete dentures improve the appearance of your smile, reduce wrinkles around your mouth, and are custom-made to your liking. Come in and talk to Nolan about complete denture treatment options that are sure to make you smile. Nolan takes the time to explain and show you how he personally fits teeth and makes natural smiles become a reality.




Complete Lower Denture Comfort

Before dental implants became so popular to stabilize loose lower dentures (uppers too) and eliminate sore spots, permanent soft liners were the only treatment option. These rubber liners remain a popular alternative to dental implants for patients suffering from loose and sore lower dentures. Nolan Denture Clinic also specializes in lower denture stabilizer bars.


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"I have just had a full upper denture made by Jon and his years of experience are reflected in the job done. The fit is excellent and is not giving me any problem. He fully explains the various procedures as he is doing his work."

Darryl Newbigging, London, Ontario

"I was made very welcome by the staff and Jonathan. Pleasant surroundings and very professional. Quite happy with dentures and have finally found a place I would return to."

Sue Hickson, London, Ontario


"Thank you Jonathan. I had no idea that dentures could be so comfortable! I wish I had found you sooner. R.M., London, Ontario